Paintless Dent Repair – Minor Collision

paintless dent repair beforepaintless dent repair after

A customer came into our shop this week. They wanted an estimate for the dent pictured above. Not knowing what the regular body shops were charging, we gave them an estimate of $240. We soon found out that the body shop gave this same customer an estimate of $632.50! By coming to us, this customer saved more than 50% of the amount they would have regularly paid. If you like saving money and getting your car back to it’s factory finish, stop in today for a FREE estimate.

Paintless Minor Collision RepairPaintless Minor Collision Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is a technique used to remove hail damage, minor door dings and dents from automobiles, due to shopping cart dings, another car door, excessive pressure, minor accidents and acts of nature.

This procedure requires no paint or body work and never disturbs the factory finish to your vehicle. Our technicians have specialized tools that go behind the panel and massage the dent from the inside out, so the ending result is that your vehicle will look like the damage was never there.

collision repair beforecollision repair after

Our process is environmentally safe due to we do not use paint or filler to make the repair and you retain the value of your vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair will save you money, due to the fact that most repairs can be completed for less then half of what a Conventional Body Shop will charge and you will have your vehicle back in less time, instead of waiting days or even weeks with a Body Shop.

In most cases a dent can be repaired back to 100% of how it was before the damage. Their are exceptions- if the dent has paint that is missing, or the location of the dent can sometimes make it difficult to repair 100%, but our team will go over all possibilities before we touch your vehicle, Our strive is to make you the customer totally satisfied with the services that you receive from us.